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Over 50 Years of Experience

Stocker Industrie has been providing the best in accessories for central heating and industrial burners since 1952. We specialise in providing equipment which improves efficiency and reliability in all oil and hydraulic pumping and filtration systems. We offer a full range of equipment including:

All of our products are provided with Stocker Industrie's full service and maintenance coverage which reduces downtime and unplanned service interruptions.


Our Mission

We deliver the highest quality and most reliable products for you, our customers.

We understand your needs and we provide the equipment and services which exactly matches your requirements and at the price you can afford.

We work closely with you for the long-term so we can anticipate your changing needs and can provide solutions in the shortest time possible.

We back all of our products and services with two year warranties so that you know the system will provide the intended benefits.


Company Profile

Stocker Industrie has been providing service to customers since 1952. We offer products from Bacharach, Danfoss-Safag, Monarch, MRU, Delta-Ohm, as well as our own manufactured Spirafiltre line of oil and hydraulic filters. 

We work with many of the largest industrial partners in our region including:

All of whom use Stocker Industrie equipment for the heating and burner systems. In addition, Stocker Industrie supplies many of the leading vocational schools for service professionals. These include the following:

Each provides training to their graduates making them familiar with the products and tools available from Stocker Industrie.


Contact Information

We provide products and services to industrial companies and service professionals within  Belgium and Luxembourg. Our trained staff would be pleased to provide additional information on our company and the products and services we provide.

+32 2 538 6598
+32 2 538 8003
Avenue Brugmannlaan 49
B-1060 Brussels
CCP : 000-0791741-27
Fortis Banque : 210-0967344-15
IBAN : BE83 2100 9673 4415
RCB : 487.806
VAT : BE 430.092.456
Electronic mail



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